You want to understand the health condition of your patient
We offer you the right telemonitoring solutions

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A noise free measurement result
SenseLink: clean ECG

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Monitor your patients remotely
SenseLink: better comfort

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Never an incorrect connected ECG cable
SenseLink: easy to connect

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SenseLink: the new experience in ECG

As healthcare provider you want to monitor your patient continuously. Controlling the health condition is crucial. You need reliable data and an application that has a minimal impact on your patient. We offer you the right telemonitoring solutions!

SenseLink is an advanced ECG monitoring solution for professional use. Our product is characterized by high reliability of the measurement results and a strong improvement in patient comfort.

SenseLink has the functionality to operate as an ECG event recorder with full disclosure data. Besides, SenseLink can be used to monitor patients from any location in the world on a 24/7 basis.

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