Together we can make an even bigger impact!

27 February 2024
Philips, TeMeCo and GrafiMedics are exploring a collaboration for ECG diagnostics. The combination of the Philips ePatch with the SenseLink of TeMeCo offers various options for tailor-made diagnostics for the patient. The focus is on the best care for heart patients: “co-creating the future of ECG diagnostics”!

Both innovative devices focus on first-time-right diagnostics, offering the best diagnostics for every patient to determine a possible diagnosis as quickly as possible.

This is done in combination with the SenseLink software as a platform and Cardiologs for holter analysis. This sets a new standard through an innovative total package for ECG diagnostics. The various options of the SenseLink hardware as well as the ePatch can now be connected from one workflow and integrated with your EPD, very easy!

Do you want to know more? Contact us and we are happy to visit you for a good conversation! ☕️

MK Velsen offers its patients remote diagnostics with SenseLink

18 January 2024
As of the end of 2023, Medische Kliniek Velsen has started with the use of SenseLink. MK Velsen is a clinic that believes that healthcare should patient driven and therefore wants to do things slightly differently! By using SenseLink, the clinic distinguishes itself from surrounding hospitals and it offers excellent cardiac care to patients.

We are proud of yet another new customer and wish them all the luck in the use of SenseLink and look forward to the experiences of the patients of MK Velsen!

MDR certification for SenseLink

10 October 2022
TeMeCo is proud to announce that the SenseLink technology is successfully certified against the Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (MDR). Both hardware and software are now MDR certified and comply with applicable standards and regulations. This ensures SenseLink is a future-proof solution for remote patient monitoring.

ZGT chooses for SenseLink

4 August 2022
Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (ZGT) has opted for SenseLink and the implementation has been completed recently. As of today, ZGT uses SenseLink for its event recording activities. We look forward to a pleasant cooperation and thank ZGT for the trust in our solution!

Would you like to know what SenseLink can do for your hospital regarding home healthcare? For more information, please contact our distributor GrafiMedics (+31 36 535 93 90) or Christiaan Hoff (+31 6 44 93 07 06).

TeMeCo will present SenseLink at Holtersymposium

31 March 2022
Together with distributor GrafiMedics, TeMeCo will present SenseLink at the Holtersymposium 2022 on April 8, 2022. The event is organized by Elisabeth-TweeSteden ziekenhuis in Tilburg. The Holtersymposium is a symposium about ECG holters and areas of application, such as holters for children, medication effects, Artificial Intelligence, cardiogenetics and interactive examples of arrhythmias. We will present the SenseLink and show its quality and the possibilities and added value of remote ECG data. Will we see you at our booth?

SenseLink as best practice Zinnige Zorg by VGZ

17 June 2021
Health insurer VGZ has developed an extensive use case for the application of SenseLink for cardiology and neurology patients. The use case is developed in cooperation with one of our partner hospitals: Albert Schweitzer ziekenhuis.

The use of SenseLink for screening on the availability of atrial fibrillation has been proven effective. SenseLink demonstrably leads to a decrease in hospital visits and a reduction of € 1,800 in healthcare costs per measurement. At the same time, it is more comfortable for the patient to receive home diagnostics with SenseLink than a hospital stay of multiple days.

We are extremely happy with this recognition and we would like to get in touch with other hospitals who want their patients to benefit from this too.

For more information, view the VGZ infographic SenseLink and contact Christiaan Hoff ( / +31 6 44 93 07 06) if you would like to receive the extensive presentation from VGZ!

Medisch Spectrum Twente starts with innovative home diagnostics with SenseLink

18 May 2021
As from Today, Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) uses the SenseLink for its ECG event recording activities. The hospital has chosen for SenseLink because it is user friendly, offers high quality registrations and is innovative because of the remote data connection.

We thank MST for its trust in SenseLink and the very pleasant cooperation!

We are happy to share information about the possibilities if you are also orientating for the newest technology. Please get in touch with our distributor GrafiMedics (+31 36 535 93 90) or Christiaan Hoff (+31 6 44 93 07 06) for more information.

Isala has started with SenseLink

8 February 2021
Isala, GrafiMedics and TeMeCo started an innovative cooperation with SenseLink to perform multi-day ECG recordings at the patients’ home. With the help of the SenseLink technology, the hospital can view the registrations remotely and assess the measurement data. The Isala Heart Center has explicitly opted for modern technology to give substance to remote care. We are proud of this promising collaboration.

During the measurements, the SenseLink recorder detects automatically cardiac arrhythmias and sends this data to the hospital for assessment. The functionality helps to focus on first-time-right diagnostics. On February 1st, the SenseLink recorder was put into use and the first patients started.

Are you interested in the added value of SenseLink for your hospital? Please get in touch with our distributor GrafiMedics (+31 36 535 93 90) or Christiaan Hoff (+31 6 44 93 07 06) for more information.

Are hospitals ready for the expected patient flow?

30 April 2020
Due to the increasing pressure on healthcare by the coronavirus, healthcare providers are faced with difficult dilemmas. When can regular care be resumed? When does the patient flow increase? How big is the delay in patients? Are we as a hospital sufficiently prepared?

These challenges are accompanied by uncertainty and an increasing workload. Additional resources and people will be relied upon again, and hospital capacity will once again be overloaded. That is why it is important to prepare proactively.

Together with our distributor GrafiMedics, we support healthcare institutions with the challenges surrounding cardiological diagnostics with an innovative remote healthcare solution. Our SenseLink recorder is a high-tech solution to perform ECG diagnostics in patients in the home situation. Particularly suitable for cardiological and neurological patients (suspected TIA). With our solution, the holter of event examination can be performed completely from the patients home. Without the need that the patient visits the hospital. Also for patients with suspected TIA, hospitalization for diagnosis of atrial fibrillation is no longer necessary. We offer our solution in pay-per-use, a flexible and scalable solution without an investment for the hospital.

Remote healthcare and home monitoring reduces the risk of corona infections, reduces the number of visits to the police and shortens waiting lists. In short; be prepared for the upcoming patient flow and ensure social distancing also in healthcare.

Interested? Please get in touch with GrafiMedics (+31 36 535 93 90) or TeMeCo (+31 6 44 93 07 06) for more information.


Albert Schweitzer hospital is leading in home monitoring of patients with SenseLink

18 February 2020
End of 2018, the Albert Schweitzer hospital (ASZ) started using SenseLink to monitor its TIA patients at home. When the cause of a TIA is unknown, new guidelines form the Dutch Association for Neurology prescribe that these patients should not receive 24-hour, but 72-hour cardiac monitoring.

Thanks to the use of SenseLink, these measurements can now be made in high quality in the patient’s home environment. If atrial fibrillation occurs during the measurement, this will automatically be detected with SenseLink. An example of patient friendly care and the transfer of care from the hospital to the home environment.

After a successful pilot phase, the project is evaluated positively and it was decided to expand the use of SenseLink. The official project delivery took place on Monday, February 17, 2020.

We look back with pride on a process with new experiences, results and above all a pleasant cooperation. Thanks to neurology and cardiology of the Albert Schweitzer hospital for their commitment. Together for better care!

Interested in what SenseLink can do for you? Make an appointment with us or our local distributor GrafiMedics!

SenseLink presented at Medica 2019

11 November 2019
TeMeCo will be present at Medica 2019 in Düsseldorf from 18 to 20 November. Are you interested in talking with us about the future of care and remote patient monitoring? Contact us for a face-to-face appointment to learn more about SenseLink and its added value!

SenseLink demonstrated at NHV Congres 2019

16 March 2019
TeMeCo and its partner GrafiMedics will exhibit again during the NHV Congres in 2019./ The NHV Congres will take place in Amersfoort on 16 March 2019. The NHV Congres is the meeting place for people who work in cardiology in Dutch hospitals. About 200 participants visited the exhibition and many have visited the booth of GrafiMedics/TeMeCo to review the SenseLink and its benefits.

Expansion of partnership with GrafiMedics to Belgium and Luxemburg

13 February 2019
We are pleased to announce that TeMeCo has extended the collaboration with GrafiMedics and closed a distribution agreement with the Belgium branch of GrafiMedics. The expansion includes the representation of SenseLink in Belgium and Luxemburg. With this new agreement, the product is offered more broadly in the medical market.

With the representation of SenseLink, GrafiMedics Belgium has extended it’s portfolio and now also offers the SenseLink to its customers. The collaboration focusses on distributing the SenseLink to hospitals in Belgium and Luxemburg.

GrafiMedics Belgium is a well-known and leading organization in the supply of high-quality medical products, services and solutions. All business activities are operated from the office in Nazareth. The company represents also the products of Philips Healthcare.

Detection of atrial fibrillation with SenseLink

7 January 2019
Mid November 2018, TeMeCo started together with GrafiMedics with an innovative project at Albert Schweitzer hospital in Dordrecht. In the project, SenseLink is used to perform 72-hour ECG registrations in the home environment. The departments of neurology and cardiology are involved for performing the measurements and analysis.

The goal of this project is to detect atrial fibrillation at TIA patients. Until 2018 these measurements were done within the hospital because guidelines prescribed a screening of 24 hours. However, new guidelines prescribe that this should be done for 72 hours. By using the SenseLink it is possible to monitor the patients in their home environment during their daily activities with a minimal load. Furthermore, the detection of atrial fibrillation is expected to be more effective while gathering ECG data of a longer period of time.

With this project, the Albert Schweitzer hospital is the first Dutch hospital that monitors its (potential) TIA patients in their home environment. A unique project and a clear example of sensible care!

Partnership with GrafiMedics in The Netherlands

19 June 2018
We are pleased to announce that TeMeCo has closed an agreement with GrafiMedics for the representation of SenseLink in The Netherlands.

GrafiMedics is a well-known and leading organization in the supply of high-quality medical products, services and solutions. All business activities are operated from the offices in Zeewolde (The Netherlands) and Vilvoorde (Belgium). The company represents the products of Philips Healthcare, Quickels, Strässle, Lode and Ergoline.

With the representation of SenseLink, GrafiMedics has extended it’s portfolio with an innovative event/holter recorder. The SenseLink is suitable for full disclosure registrations up to 30 days. The collaboration is focussed on distributing the SenseLink to hospitals in the The Netherlands and to take the next step in remote patient monitoring. The noise free ECG registration ensures a suitable detection of events, for instance atrial fibrillation in case of suspected TIA.

Partnership with Praxisdienst

10 April 2018
Praxisdienst and TeMeCo hereby present their partnership for the distribution of SenseLink within Europe. For more than 65 years, the Praxisdienst has been a service provider for medical practices. Founded as one of the first mail order companies for medical devices, the Praxisdienst has developed into an internationally successful supplier for the human, dental and veterinary sectors. The main clients are private doctors, hospitals, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists and rescue services as well as sports clubs and production companies throughout Europe.

The Praxisdienst, located in Longuich in Germany, has an excellent logistics system and a high service orientation. These elements proved to be the basis for a decent collaboration for SenseLink. Customers of Praxisdienst can order SenseLink in the webshop and get it delivered within a few business days. With the representation of SenseLink, the Praxisdienst offers an innovative ECG recorder to its customers and shows that it continuously focusses on the distribution of new products.

TeMeCo and GrafiMedics present SenseLink at NHV Congres 2018

17 March 2018
TeMeCo and its partner GrafiMedics will exhibit during the NHV Congres in Ede on 17 March 2018. The NHV Congres is the meeting place for people who work in cardiology in Dutch hospitals. About 200 participants visited the exhibition and many have visited the booth of GrafiMedics/TeMeCo to review the SenseLink and its benefits.