SenseLink Online Manager

The SenseLink Online Manager (SLOM) is our innovative software solution for working with the SenseLink recorder. The SLOM software is web-based and easy to use. The software is designed and developed from the user’s perspective.

Wireless configuration of the SenseLink recorder, live display of trend data, analysis of remotely transmitted ECG data. These are key functions of the SLOM software.

Because the SenseLink recorder has an internal sim card, the recorder is always connected to the hospital. This makes it easy to check the quality of the registration, lead-off situations are immediately visible and settings can be adjusted in real-time during the measurement. Periodically you can review the ECG events and prepare the report. A safe feeling for the patient and an efficient working method.



The software includes an intuitive and dynamic dashboard in which any active ECG recording can be tracked remotely. The status of each measurement can be followed using 6 icons. This allows you to see at a glance whether the recorder is connected to the hospital, whether the battery is charged and whether all leads are correctly connected. But also what the remaining measurement time is, whether notes have been recorded and how many events still need to be assessed.


Our software is not a stand-alone solution and it will be connected to other systems within the hospital. Active Directory is available for the login. This makes it easy to manage users and rights.

The software handles data as much as possible according to the principle of “single registration, multiple use”. This means that all patient data is retrieved from the hospital systems using the DICOM worklist service and will be linked to a measurement in the SLOM software. Your users don’t have to manually enter patient data. And at the end of the registration, the report is automatically sent to the hospital system with the DICOM service, before it is archived in the software.

Security and control of data

Every customer wants its data to be processed in a secure and safe way. And there is always a demand to have control over which data is processed and where data is stored. Preferably no patient data is stored in the cloud, outside the hospital.

The philosophy of the SLOM software is that the hospital owns the data and manages the software. That is why the SLOM is installed within the hospital network and no patient data leaves the hospital network. A thoughtful and safe approach. Please contact us for more information about our smart IT architecture and the possibilities for your hospital!

Almost convinced…

You want to experience the functioning of the SenseLink Online Manager software yourself? Contact us for a free demonstration!